Other Mistakes You Could Make When Getting A Tattoo

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Thinking on getting a tattoo that will honor your parents, national pride, give the nod to your video games obsession, and throw in some other symbols just for fun? Not a good idea. Trying to cram too many images and concepts into a design is a common mistake. This approach means that each item has to be smaller to fit into the tattoo composition, and these types of tattoo designs often seem overcrowded and jumbled.
It’s a good rule of thumb to have one significant focal point combined with a few supporting elements.

Fearing that it will be very, very painful is a big mistake. Newbies psych themselves into this fear. There is indeed pain with tattoo work, but it’s not sufficient to be afraid.

Not knowing what they want. Several times a week, I get questions like, “What should I get for my first tattoo?” A tattoo should be a personal thing that is meaningful or decorative for you-not for someone else.

Getting the popular flash or trendy designs everybody has, to say they have a tattoo. Flash is the typical type of meaningless design that hangs on tattoo shop walls or that they find on Pinterest. It’s pointless, and you may end regretting it.

tattoo mistakes

Another big mistake is getting a girlfriend or boyfriend’s name with True Love Forever in a heart. It almost always signals the end of a relationship and a tattoo that will eventually need to be covered up. Don’t do boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s names.

Also, another BFF tattoos at 18. You probably won’t keep in touch for more than a few years after college. Less after high school, unless you both don’t leave your small town, lol.

Expecting the artist to design the tattoo for free is a big mistake. That is their job. They deserve to get compensated for their work. Not tipping the tattoo artist at least the same percentage, you tip a waiter or hairdresser.

Wanting the tattoo artist to entertain you when they work is another mistake that can affect your new tattoo. If they want to have a conversation, it is fine. But if they are quiet, it’s because they are concentrating on your tattoo to give you the best tattoo possible.

We can keep mentioning a lot of mistakes, but we know nobody is perfect, so no worries. Put a list of some ideas together, and when you ready, Get in touch, and we will help you through the process. Contact Joan Zuniga Tattoo Artist in Fayetteville, NC if you want to Book An Appointment.

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