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1. Send us a brief description of what you would like tattooed and where on your body you would like to have it done. If you have any pictures, references, and ideas that may help the artist see your vision, please send those to us as well. Please attach a photo of the location of the body where you are planning to place the work. If you have any tattoos, I will be working around; please stage images of those as well.

 Remember that sending references for the type of work you like, will make it easier for us to understand your tattoo idea.

2. After you submit these items, there will be a phone consultation, as well as an email to confirm the details.

3. If we agree to proceed, you will place a deposit of $200 through PayPal. This deposit covers the cost of designing your Custom Tattoo and counts toward the final price of your tattoo.

 Please deposit as “Family & Friends” via PayPal to [email protected]

All deposits and transactions are non-refundable. You must be 18 years of age or older to book an appointment. Please, be sure to send an email to alert the artist about the deposit. You can also call directly for even faster communications, feel free to contact me at 786-210-5813.

Cancellations or rescheduling is required at least 48 hours in advance. Any cancellations or changes less than 48 hours in advance will forfeit all deposits.

Remember, communication is crucial for ensuring the best possible services.


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frequently asked questions

How much is a tattoo?

The answer all depends on what you're looking to get. So make sure to send us some pictures, references to your idea so we have an idea of what will be working. The more details and fancier your choice, the higher the cost will be. Remember the old rule, "good work isn't cheap, and cheap work isn't good." Always research your artist before committing to getting a tattoo. Large custom tattoos and designs that require multiple settings.

Sometimes we do it at an hourly rate, sometimes can be for a full day price or half day. Everything depends on how intricate your tattoo is. If your tattoo can do in one day, I may choose to set a flat price; this is at my discretion. Make sure to check all details with the artist from design to the price before you leave a deposit. Also, let your artist know the price range that you would like to stay in, so they can design your tattoo accordingly. Be aware that some budgets are not possible (i.e., as a full sleeve for $800)

Do I need a consultation for a tattoo appointment?

We require a consultation before we can book a tattoo appointment. A discussion is an essential part of the process and reflects the result of your tattoo. The meeting allows you to discuss with your artist what you would like to get. The process takes about 10 to 20 min, depending on the complexity of your design.

Also can be finished it over the phone with I always prefer since texting some times take even days with just one client. We can even do one over Skype, Whatsapp, and Facetime. Call or email us to set this up. Send us a brief description of what you would like to get, and where on your body you would like to have it done. If you have any pictures, references, and ideas that may help the artist see your vision, please feel free to send those to us as well. Also, send us a picture of the placement in your body, where you are planning to have the tattoo. That will help in particular if you have already had some work in the area.

Is there a fee for a consultation?

All consultations are always free and non-committal. A meeting is still important to get your tattoo appointment. In case your time is limited, or you need to travel, we can always have the consult over the phone. A deposit must be left to finalize any projects and get your date rolling.

Why must I leave a deposit?

The artist spends a great deal of free time researching and designing your tattoo. Even when we go home after work, we still keep working on the research, design, and preparing everything for the next appointment. Without a deposit, the artist cannot invest time into your design. The deposit is more than a down payment for your tattoo. It informs the tattoo artist that you are serious about working with them. If you DO NOT SHOW UP or DO NOT give the required 48-hour cancellation notice, your deposit is taken to compensate for the work lost that day. The advanced notice allows the tattoo artist a chance to fill the cancelation. Not show up causes the artist to lose money. Once a deposit gets made, it is non-refundable.

When is my deposit applied?

The deposit will be held until the last session when you are getting a tattoo that requires multiple sittings. If you wish to use the deposit prior, exceptions may apply with the previous communication. However, to get a new appointment, we will need to retake a deposit.
If you are planning to use your deposit, please make sure to inform it. We reserve the right to deny the use of a deposit. Keep in mind that sometimes, the research, design, and preparations of the stencil for your appointment can take up to 2 hrs or even longer. And that's far way more than the deposit you made.

How much will it cost to get my tattoo "touched up"?

A touch up is free for up to 3 or 4 months if it’s a tattoo that we have done. If you would like a touch-up, you do have to come in and speak with us. You will have to provide the date you get tattooed for us to verify, please have that information available when you come in. If you need a tattoo touched up, that you get at other tattoo shops. You will want to come by and speak with us, so the price and other details can get discussed.

Does tattoos hurt? What is the pain level for a tattoo?

That is number one in our Frequently Asked Questions, LOL. The simple answer is, YES, it does but is tolerable. However, not as much as some people might like you to believe. After a short few time getting tattooed, your body’s natural pain-killers (endorphins), kick in and make things much more manageable. How long these endorphins last usually defines your natural ‘limit’ as to how long a tattoo session you can handle (generally between 5-6 hours); after this time, you will tend to become very uncomfortable.

The pain of a tattoo can compare to a mild burning sensation or a cat scratch. However, the real factor of how much a tattoo hurts is down to the placement. Any area directly over bone will be particularly sensitive; this includes ribs, feet, hands, head, and pelvis, to name a few. Add to this, the number of nerve endings in an area, and this defines the most painful places. If you are looking for a less painful spot, then you should consider a less sensitive area protected by a large muscle, such as the forearm, upper-arm, shoulder, calf, and thigh. Everyone’s pain threshold varies, so there are no hard and fast answers to this question. Just prepare for pain, and if you want that tattoo, don't be scared.

How do I decide on a tattoo studio?

Well, this is a pretty hard question to ask. Especially with the so many street tattoo shops out there claiming they are a "tattoo studio." After many years of tattoo reality tv shows, like (Ink Master, Tattoo Nightmares), and a lot of others. And the explosion of tattooing, yes, there are a lot of options out there! But be very careful, not all are real professionals! There is a lot of people trying to make the most profit out of the BOOM!

Visit studios, talk to the tattoo artist, get a general feel for them. Getting a tattoo is a very personal experience. You should feel comfortable with your tattooist and feel comfortable in their studio. How is their customer service? Many tattoo shops will treat customers excellent and tell you everything you want to hear, "YES, YES, YES," especially if it is your first tattoo. Yes, they should be helpful and friendly to you. But it should be also art-oriented and be available to deliver quality tattoo work. When you look at their tattoo artist portfolio, you need to look for quality. Check if tattoo work they do is clean, lines are straight, shading smooth, creativity, originality, healing results, etc. I know this could be a hard task for some people, especially if they don't have any artist knowledge. So in case, you don't know anything, take some time to research the type of tattoo you want to begin. Which is the best tattoo artists doing those styles? Friends recommendations can be helpful sometimes. There is a lot to know, but don't get overwhelmed with it, take your time. Going on a rush for it can regret it later. Those are just my two cents for you.

Also, look s the studio clean and well presented? If a tattoo artist can’t keep their working area in order? You could potentially be putting your health and wellbeing at risk. Ask yourself, if this was a dental surgery and not a tattoo studio, would I let them touch your teeth? Potentially there is plenty of similarities between the two regarding the possibility of cross-contamination of instruments and equipment and the transmitting of blood-borne pathogens. The cleanliness of the studio will very much reflect their attitude towards their customers and their customer’s wellbeing. So Good Luck out there and hope you make a well worth decision.

How long does a tattoo take?

Tattooing is not a quick process, nor should it be rushed as you will be living with the results permanently. An averagely complex piece of work about the size of the back of your hand usually takes about two hours to complete. More extensive or more complex work like full sleeve tattoos can take tens of hours and will require several sittings to complete. Usually, appointments get done in multiples of hours, but some smaller pieces may only request a thirty-minute appointment. A full sleeve (done by any decent artist), could take anything from ten to fifty hours work to complete depending on complexity.

Where on my body should I get a tattoo?

That is a decision that only YOU can make. Your artist can suggest the placement of your tattoo because of its size or shape, but it is ultimately your decision. Keep in mind that the choice you make will stay with you for the rest of the years to come. So be responsible and take your time. Also, don't let off your friends or relatives to decide for you. I see this a lot of times where friends and family members come to the tattoo shop, and everybody is trying to determine where you should have the tattoo, except yourself. Don't make that mistake plan your tattoo ahead of time.

Come to the tattoo studio with the all-around idea of what do you want, where, what size. In case you don't, that's what we do on a consultation; point you out in the right direction! So you don't end making some of the mistakes we already see a lot of people do.

Can I bring my own tattoo design?

 Yes, we are happy to work with any design you want to bring in. However, we suggest you don’t copy someone else’s artwork, make it your own. You are responsible for any permission to use copyrights, trademarks, etc. Also, if your not a tattoo artist, we do not recommend to design it yourself. Since you are not a tattoo artist, there is a lot of basic rules you need to keep in mind when you are creating a tattoo. We recommend you to leave that on the hands of real professionals. Try to research what you want and bring some ideas and pictures reference. But let your artists do their work and point you in the right direction.

For those that know what they like, this is the best part. That's great because you already have decided on the theme or subject you want to work around. If you find yourself wanting lots of different things, that's okay! It sounds like multiple tattoos are in the future. After researching, the next step is to have a consultation. Working with your chosen tattoo artist is one of the most critical parts of choosing a new tattoo.

Are your Inks vegan friendly? How safe is tattoo ink?

 Yes! We use vegan ink like Eternal Ink, World Famous Ink, Intenze, and Fusion inks, and a few other brands. All these ink brands are vegan-friendly and have the best reputation around the world when a comes to tattoo ink.

Do they safe tattoo inks? Does it depend on where they come? There are many inks on the market today that are readily available — high-quality tattoo ink. An ink that has been tried and tested over generations without ill effects. Nowadays, the manufacture of inks is regulated to meet specific health and safety standards, but only in some countries (EU and USA). Sale of tattoo inks on eBay has unfortunately opened the market up to cheap Chinese inks, and counterfeit copies of well known and respected brands. These Chinese inks can be dangerous.

Some report has recently released an address some of these tattoo inks have issues. Some analyzed inks showed to contain both banned and toxic substances. With this in mind, it is no longer good enough that your tattoo artist uses trusted brands, they must also source their inks directly from the manufacturer, or manufacturer’s approved outlet, to ensure the integrity of their product.

Do you rework old tattoos?

The answer could be YES, but it also could be NO. That depends a lot on the quality of the work you are trying to rework or finish. There is not a lot of tattoo artists out there that will like to finish or re-work a low-quality tattoo. The reason for it is sometimes they don't want to have their name on it. Or also that the quality is so low that they don't consider well worth it. So, in that case, they will recommend you to cover it up or remove it. We will need to see the existing tattoo to know if we can rework it. You can email us a photo or stop by and let us take a picture. Once we have those images and ideas, we will discuss it and follow up with you. If we don’t feel like we can genuinely make a tattoo better, we will let you know that we are unable to rework it. Old tattoo work can turn into a new work of art. Color can be added to brighten your existing tattoo or with a little creativity even turned into a completely new (although more massive) sleeve tattoo. Thanks to the new possibilities of the Tattoo Industry experience, it can all be corrected. Why wait? We fix other tattoo shop's mistakes sometimes! But if we think we can't repair it, we probably recommend a cover-up.

Do you do tattoo removal?

No, we don't, and we do not recommend any places for tattoo removal. Maybe in a couple of years, when techniques get better, we may change our minds about it. There are several options out there available to you if you have ink that you want to get removed.

The first, and by far the most common way is the cover-up. The cover-up option is what we recommend first. That involves working with your tattoo artist to come up with a design that will go over and ‘cover-up’ the old one. So we recommend having a consult with the artist. He would be the one walking you the best path for it. Keep in mind some tattoos may not be possible to cover-up, because there is a lot of factors. The size, how old, how dark is the ink, (have a lot of black ink), on your tattoo can change the outcome of a good cover-up.

The second option available to you is laser removal. This option will be the most costly and time-consuming since there is not a lot of choices of right laser removal places. Technology still not perfect for tattoo removal. So that depends on a lot of factors like the type of work you're trying to remove. We do recommend it sometimes when tattoos are massive and dark, to make it lighter. After a couple of sections, to reduce the density of the old tattoo and when your old design is littler will help to get it cover up quickly.

Do you do cover-ups tattoos?

 Well, that's one of the most frequent questions these days. The answer to this question could be YES, but it also could be NO. We recommend best to get a consultation with your tattoo artist. There are a few misconceptions regarding cover-ups; it is not as easy as just doing another tattoo over the top.

The new tattoo will sit in the same layer of skin as the old one, so the cover-up needs to be darker than the existing tattoo to over-power it. That makes very old or faded tattoos easier to cover up than new bright ones. The black panther was a big cover-up favorite with the ‘Old School’ tattooists, for apparent reasons. That also means that the new tattoo generally has to be a great deal bigger than the one to be covered up, so that the old design can get lost in the new one. That very much depends on the tattoo to be covered and the skill of your artist.

There is a lot of aspects the tattoo artist needs to know to make a cover-up. We need to see how big is the old design you want to get covered. We need to take a look at how much black is on the piece, how dark is the ancient tattoo. Also, the ideas you want to use for the coverup. We need to see if it will work right to get a positive result. Keep in mind that some of the ideas you have may not be the best option when you are trying to have a correctly done coverup.

Also, another thing that people ask a lot is Cosmetic procedures, such as cover-ups and birthmarks & scars covering. Most of the time is not “what you want,” but “what it works.” Each project over existing scars (keloids and marks caused by existing tattoos or just wounds) are much more delicate than a blank canvas. We recommend taking your request to a cosmetic procedure specialist to make sure he can improve what you already have. We don’t do enhancements, touch-ups, or tattoo restorations of those cosmetical type of tattoos.

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