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Joan Zuniga Tattoo artist in Fayetteville NC

Our Story

Joan is a professional tattoo artist in Fayetteville, NC, he is originally from La Habana, Cuba, but living in the United States. He starts tattooing around 1998 in La Habana, where he get to know a few international tattoo artists who teach him about the trade. He currently guests spot at a tattoo shop in Fayetteville, NC. He tattoos local clients, veterans, and military service members of the US Army at Fort Liberty know before as Fort Bragg.

Joan Zuniga was born in La Havana, Cuba. He started tattooing at the early age of 18. As a kid, he always has a lot of passion for art and drawing. He starts tattooing at a very young working on friends at school and locals. After few years, as he began to getting well know, he starts inking tourists who would travel to the island exclusively to get one of Joan’s tattoos done. Customers from outside the country gave him access to professional equipment, which allowed him to improve his work, explore new styles, and grow to become one of the best tattoo artists.

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black and grey tattoos near

Black And Grey

As black and grey tattoo artists, we particularly enjoy this style. We enjoy working with all types of black and grey tattoos because there are endless possibilities and styles to try. Also, this style’s capacity to withstand the passage of time makes it truly exceptional.

realism tattoos near


As realism tattoo artists, we particularly appreciate this tattoo style. When it comes to realism, or realistic tattoos, there are no limitations. There are no limitations in this style because the options for concepts and designs are endless.

portrait tattoos near


Think of us as portrait tattoo artists! There are limitless portrait ideas, including memorials, beloved pets, and famous movie stars. Our desire is to bring these tattoos to life as authentically as possible because they contain so much value for our customers.

military tattoos near


Military tattoos are a longstanding tradition; consider us your military tattoo artist. We can design a meaningful tattoo that symbolizes your narrative, whether you are a veteran, active duty service person, or a family member who wants to express their support.

japanese tattoos near


Welcome to the exciting world of Japanese tattoos, where traditional artistry meets modern expression. As Japanese tattoo artists, we thoroughly like this style. This tattoo style may bring to life a variety of designs, including dragons, koi fish, and samurai.

color tattoos near


As an skilled color tattoo artist who is passionate about transforming your skin into a canvas with unlimited possibilities. We have the experience to design any color tattoo, whether it’s a fantasy setting or a pop-culture figure reproduced in stunning realism.

sleeve tattoos near me


A sleeve tattoo is a striking and unique method to express oneself through a composition and captivating work of art. As an experienced sleeve tattoo artist, we have extensive experience creating amazing full or half-sleeve tattoos that tell your unique story.

traditional tattoos near


“Let’s go delve into the real deal with those classic, time-honored traditions of traditional tattoos.” As a traditional tattoo artist, we can claim that this is a style that will always be popular because to its solid lines, bold colors, and capacity to last over time.

About Joan Zuniga Tattoo Artist

At the age of 22, he left his country. Upon his arrival in Costa Rica, he started working in professional tattoo shops, a new experience for him. But it was not until he finally arrived in the US around 2005 that he genuinely was exposed to a whole new world. He starts working at tattoo shops in Miami, FL, and participates in tattoo conventions, allowing him to grow to a whole new level and learn new techniques.

He also enjoys building tattoo machines with is another of his hobbies. Currently, he is working at a Private Tattoo Studio by Appointment only and serving Fayetteville NC, Fort Liberty NC, Hope Mills NC, Spring Lake NC. We also have clients from Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC, Jacksonville NC, that travel to us to get work done. For anyone interesting in custom black and grey tattoos in the North Carolina area, get in touch.

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