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It’s was Oscar Wilde who once said that “art imitates life,” and if you’re looking for proof, then you need to look no further than portrait tattoos. Portraiture tattoos have become massively popular over the past several decades. The chances are that if you don’t personally know someone who has one, that you’ve at least seen one on a celebrity (like Megan Fox, Justin Bieber, Drake, and many more) or a passerby. If you’re interested in finding the best portrait tattoo artist, then continue reading below to find out everything you need to know before you get inked.

What Is A Portrait Tattoo?

Hyper-realistic and meticulously detailed portrait tattoos combine personal sentiment and photorealism to create a forever piece of art directly on your skin. Rather than using bold, thick lines, these tattoos combine thinner, fine lines with a blend of shading techniques to create a clear, picturesque depiction of the subject of the tattoo. (1)

Are There Different Types Of Portrait Tattoos?

There is an entire range of styles that can influence the overall aesthetic of a portraiture tattoo, from old school to new school, black and grey, realistic, and a whole slew of other unique styles. Depending on your personal preference and the artist you chose to work with, you may even want to combine elements of different styles for your portrait. To find out more about getting your own customized ink, you can book a free consult with us today by clicking here.

Best Portrait Tattoo Artist Nearby Fayetteville NC
Best Portrait Tattoo Artist in Fayetteville NC

Should I Get A Portrait Tattoo?

There is a multitude of reasons why you may be considering getting a portrait tattoo. Rather than listing them all, let’s dive into three of the most common reasons people get portraiture tattoos.

  1. Sentimental Value – As with most tattoos, portraiture tattoos can be deeply sentimental sometimes. Whether you get a tattoo of your children, a parent, partner, best friend, or even a pet, good portrait tattoos perfectly encapsulate your loved one’s image on your skin permanently.
  2. Commemorate Fandom – Everyone has something that they love to geek out about: books, music, movies, art, comics, and more. If you can name it, then there’s a fandom for it. And, for some die-hard fans, there’s no better way to celebrate a favorite musician, celebrity, character, or artist than a portraiture tattoo.
  3. In Memorial  Perhaps the most widespread version of portraiture tattoos are memorial tattoos. These Memorial tattoos are a way to keep a lost loved one, literally, with you forever, on your skin. More than a tattoo, memorial body art is a verified bereavement ritual.

Where Can I Find A Portrait Tattoo Artist In Fayetteville, NC?

You can immortalize an image of your favorite person with a portrait tattoo from Joan Zuniga Tattoos, home to the Best Portrait Tattoo Artist Nearby Fayetteville, NC. Joan specializes in sophisticated, intricate custom tattoos that implement black and gray realism. Click here to find out more about Joan’s portfolio of other works.

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