Avoid Touching Surfaces In A Tattoo Studio

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It may be an art form, but tattooing is also a type of medical procedure. The process involves needles meaning means that surfaces. Supplies and tools must be completely sterile.
Tattooing and piercing have become increasingly popular among Americans, and body-art shows people of all ages, occupations, and social classes.
“By touching surfaces or items in the tattoo studio. You may make a sterile environment unclean, and then the artist has to clean it again before beginning to tattoo”.

The risk of contamination goes both ways.

I always would recommend never put food or drink items on the floor of a tattoo parlor. Though good tattoo shops disinfect and mop their entire shop every day. There’s always the possibility that the previous client’s fluids or blood could still be lingering on the floor.
It is possible to transmit viral infections, as well as bacterial skin infections. It is essential for tattoo artists and clients to be fully aware of the potential dangers of their procedures and to understand the precautions that need to be taken to minimize the likelihood of infection or contamination.

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We always recommend the client to stay away from our working station. 

Not only because of the risk of contamination of our work area. Also, because we have expensive materials, like our machines with by the way are very expensive, we also have electronic equipment that can be damaged. We don’t care if you sit around your friend to entertain him with a pleasant conversation, but doing some crazy parties around the area where we are working. It is sometimes annoying, affecting our focus and leading to an accident where you may poke yourself with a needle. Or you may end messing some of our equipment, so please be mature. Keep in mind what we are doing with your friends is permanent.

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