The vibe may be casual but you should always respect the working environment of an artist and act kindly, while you’re the tattoo shop. We understand getting a tattoo is an exciting experience that you want to share.

“However limit the number of people you bring with you”. You should bring just one person at a time with you in the tattoo area. Too many people can become a distraction to the artist and the other clients and can affect, The performance of your artist. Unfortunately, we recommend you leave the youngsters at home. ‘The Tattoo Studio is not a fun place for children.

We have expensive tools and artwork that can do damaged and children are NEVER allowed in the tattoo area. Please make arrangements to have someone watch the children while getting tattooed. There is also materials and disposables that contaminated so we do not recommend your children to be around that can of materials that may have been in contact with fluids and blood since children tend to touch everything so is always better they are not around the areas where tattoos getting done.

“Oftentimes, a client comes into the tattoo studio and treats it with a weird level of disrespect that they would normally do at any other place of business. I would encourage clients to treat their artist or shop with the same kind of respect that you would treat a bank, a clothing store, or a restaurant.