Our Tattoo Pricing Around Fayetteville NC

How our pricing process work

Here at Joan Zuniga Tattoo Shop, this is our pricing guide: our method is simple, and we have two main options. We have half-day and full-day sittings available. A half-day is four hours long, and a full-day is eight hours long, but because we enjoy what we do, we may choose for some more free time. Remember that some designs might take several hours to complete. It might take some effort only to find good photographs to utilize as references. Once we have the appropriate reference pictures, we use digital design programs to build a composition for a completely custom piece.

After the design and composition are complete, we must make the stencil to transfer the design to the skin. We use that stencil to apply the tattoo on the skin. The search for suitable photos and then the creation of the stencil might take up to two hours. That is why a deposit is required to secure the time spent on the design process. Finally, after your design and stencil are complete, we will perform the tattoo on the day of your appointment. That guarantees that the time spent on the day of your appointment will be spent only on the tattoo, resulting in higher quality work.

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Our Pricing Recommended Options

Half-Day section

  • A half-day section is 4 hours but it could be longer depending on the work. Designing sometimes takes a long time depending on how complex your design it is. And we don’t charge you for that time.
Full DAy section

  • A full day section consists of a whole day of work 8 hours, but we may work an extra. Designing can sometimes take a long time depending on how complex your design it is.

FAQ about Tattoo Prices

How much do tattoos cost?

This is one of the most often made tattoo pricing questions. I would start but recommend you always be specific to your artist about what you are trying to get. Don’t be like some people that walk into a shop and ask how much is a tattoo? Because that’s like going to buy a car and ask how much it is. There are too many models, brands in just one place. Be specific and remember the more information you can provide your artist, the easier you will make for him to give you an estimate. Another thing you should know is that every artist’s tattoo pricing will be different. Because some work commission-based, others as self contractors, and some as totally independent.

So when it comes to information, make sure to let them know all the details of what you are looking to do. For example, what is what you want. Suppose you want to get an aminal. To be specific, there are too many animals in this world. There are animals from the earth, from the sky, from the sea, or fantastic, do you get what I mean. Suppose you want a movie character or a superhero, or a family member. Them give them information about the area you like the work done. Keep in mind your tattoo artist is not a mind reader. It could be the case you are trying to cover an old tattoo. Well, send him a picture of the area you are trying to get tattooed and tell the artist you are trying to get a cover. But without all that information and a photo. It will be pretty hard for anyone to know what type of work you’re looking to do.

As tattoo pricing estimates go, every artist is different. All I can tell you be based on my experience, is to get a consult and check. Some artists charge just a minimum because they like to do walk-ins. Others charge by the hour. And there is Custom Tattoo Artist that charges you for a half-day with is around 4 hours, or their whole day with is like 8 hours. But it comes to what you are trying to get, the type of work, and how complex it is.