Whether you want to make a political statement.

or show off your favorite fandom getting a tattoo is a rite of passage for many. But considering the permanent nature of tattoos, it’s very important to think. Do your homework and make sure you’re putting yourself in capable hands.

If you’re thinking about downing some liquid courage before taking a tattoo to think again. Drinking before and after getting a tattoo is a big no. Alcohol thins your blood. Which means excess bleeding. When you blled more than normal. Affects the visibility of your artist and also compromise the quality of the tattoo. Excess bleeding can also thin the ink. There’s also the fact that alcohol impairs judgment, and you don’t want to make permanent decisions while impaired.

Furthermore drinking after the fact can compromise

the healing of the tattoo because of its effects on your blood. So take it easy for a bit.par Not doing your research.Getting a tattoo is a pretty big decision and should be handled as such. You wouldn’t buy a car without doing your research, right.?

When deciding on a studio and an artist, this could be hard for some of you since not everyone has artist knowledge. But you should look around and take a close look at the artwork or portfolio, some artist may specialize in lettering. For example, while others are better in black and gray realism or portraits.

Going too Small. Even if a tiny design looks great on a piece of paper. That doesn’t mean it will translate well to your skin. Really small tattoos often wind up looking like blemishes, and trying to create an intricate design in a small place will likely lead to ink lines blurring or bleeding into one another. The scale is important, so discuss it with your artist and listen to what he recommended.