Being Offered a free or low-cost touch-up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your new ink

Being Offered a free or low-cost touch-up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your new ink

Being Offered a free or low-cost touch-up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t t take care of your new ink. It also doesn’t mean you’ll need a touch-up. Most Professionals artists will offer a free or low-cost touch-up for your unique tattoo. That’s because human skin is a living canvas, and its natural reaction to being tattooed can be most of the time unpredictable.

However, being offered a free touch-up doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your new tattoo.

“For me, tattoo touch-ups are complimentary as long as my client has taken care of their new tattoo properly. If you went to the beach, pool, hot tub, long day at the gym with lots of sweating or use unclean methods. If the day after getting a tattoo, you go and do some crazy or extreme activities, then that doesn’t count. But if the client does follow the directions, then that does fall into the free touch-up category.

Similar, just because we offered a free or low-cost touch-up doesn’t mean your new tattoo will necessarily need it. Sometimes even unnecessary touch-ups can interfere with or delaying the normal and natural healing process. Touch-up has only required in case any part of the tattoo heals differently than expected.

But not all tattoos need a touch-up, so make sure to let your artist take a look always two weeks after the tattoo peeled. That allows him as a professional to see it and decide if is need it. If you are happy with your tattoo, once completed. Then it does not need to be touched up.


Many artists find it extremely rude if you try to haggle the price of a tattoo. Or even a touch-up section since some extensive scale work may take different times; a can sometimes be insulting to your artist. Though negotiating the price of some goods and services is reasonable. Haggling with your artist over the cost of a touch-up. Or a tattoo is typically seen as unacceptable and insulting. “You could not go into a clothing store and suggest that they lower the price of the jeans you want. So do not go into a tattoo studio and ask your artist to reduce the cost of the tattoo. That may be insulting to your tattoo artist, and it can result in your artist refusing to tattoo you.


Many tattoo artists are independent contractors and must pay out-of-pocket for things like health insurance. Tattooing supplies and some cases even traveling expenses. The prices they quote to you aren’t arbitrary. They reflect their experience level and also their business cost. So Make sure you always take good care of your new tattoo and always remember to go back and show it your tattoo artist. It is nice because they enjoy seeing the result of their work, but also it is right for you. Because a give them a second chance to take a look and fine-tune it, in the case is need.


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The cost of a tattoo depends on some different factors

The cost of a tattoo depends on some different factors

In addition to the artist’s skill level. the price of your tattoo depends on the size, complexity, and the time it takes to complete

Not only the design but also the tattoo. Some times you asked a lot online, on direct messages, by email or even on some cases, showing at the tattoo shop and asking questions like, “how much does a sleeve cost?” or “How many hours does a sleeve take?” won’t give you the answer you are looking for.

Those vague questions do not give us the information required to provide an accurate price. You can compare it to asking, ‘How much is a car?’. It depends on the model, what features if used, and so on. If you are looking to get some quality ink, be sure to have a clear plan in mind when a comes to your design. Try to figure out roughly how large or how large you want the tattoo to be. And bring in visual examples or references of what you’re looking for if possible.

Your references can also be pictures that will give your artist more information about your taste and the style you want your tattoo since there are so many tattoo styles and ideas. Since every work, every client, type of skin, size of their body is different. Price can fluctuate a lot some times is done by the hour, half-day, full-day, or even by a flat rate for the piece.

That will make it easier to give you an accurate price quote.

When you are researching for your references, there is plenty of platforms, websites, and even apps you can use in your research. When you are looking for ideas for your tattoo design, make sure to take your time. Put everything together before to get in contact with the artist you choose for your tattoo. That will save time for both you and the tattoo artist. So that time can be used for the application on your skin that sometimes takes a long time depending on the complexity of the work you request.

Keep in mind that when you are coming for your tattoo, you should rest and make sure you eat well. So you are in optimal condition to get the work done. That will allow your tattoo artist to focus on the creation and quality of your work.  

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Tipping your tattoo artist is considered polite.

Tipping your tattoo artist is considered polite.

Tattoos can be expensive. But you should always reserve a little extra to account for your tattoo artist’s tip.

Many artists expect some tips after completion of a tattoo.”Tipping is a courtesy, but it is more fluid than tipping at a restaurant.” “At a restaurant, your tip helps make up that individual’s wage. In tattooing, your tip is a way to show your artist appreciation for doing a great job.

That means you can tip any amount want and will be appreciated. However, giving an inferior tip (or no tip at all) may be taken as an indication that you are not happy with your tattoo artist performance.
As a tattoo artist, I never expect a tip. They are always appreciated. If you aren’t able to tip, sometimes personalized gifts are fantastic to get too.

Proper etiquette is much the same as many other service industries; 10 % should be a bare minimum, 20% is excellent — couple things to keep in mind. First, most artists work off of a commission basis, so they are often only making around half of what they charged.

While that may seem like it is still the right amount of money, by no means is it a lucrative business for most artists. There is quite a lot of time that they spend not tattooing, i.e., not making money, but still working. So that gets spread out not just for the time they work on you, but all the times they aren’t working, or the times they are drawing or researching for your design. On average, tattoo artists make closer to minimum wage than those that average middle-class income.

Second, the supplies that it takes to do the tattoo, and to draw the design cost money. On average, it can cost the artist as much to set up and do the tattoo as they make from doing the tattoo. Or close enough to make no difference. Many artists have multiple thousands invested in machines and inks, not to mention the supplies that get thrown away after each tattoo. They pay that from the percentage that they receive from the tattoo.

And one that gets overlooked all the time. Tattoo artists are independent contractors. That means no insurance. No workers comp, no unemployment benefits, no paid vacation, none of the compensations a majority of people take for granted.

So the next time you go to get tattooed, realize that most of us do this for the love of tattooing, and not from the money it makes us.

Because it is costly to tattoo, and most of us are barely getting by. Your tips are appreciated, and sometimes the only money that artists will be able to take home to pay bills or eat off. That could be how they make their car payment or take their significant other on a date.

So if your artist takes the time to do a good tattoo, and you want to show you appreciate the hard work and long hours it takes to do this job for you, a tip is a great way to prove it. I promise it will be appreciated. Even if it isn’t needed or expected, it will be appreciated.

I’d say the average tip is around 15%. If you’re pleased with the tattoo, take a stack of business cards and spread the word to everyone who asks about it, because that definitively helps. While tips are appreciated, and even if the client decides not. It won’t affect how I do my job if you don’t.


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