Are you in the Search for the Best Tattoo Artists Near Me?

Are you in the Search for the Best Tattoo Artists Near Me?

Few things Smart Clients should know when they searching for the  Best Tattoo Artists Near Me.

Surprising Top Traits of an Eminent Tattoo Artist?

When you search for tattoo artists near me it is obvious you will get lots of results. But, a Tattoo is an art that gives an impressive look on your body canvas. And a tattoo artist is the most efficient person who can paint this canvas flawlessly. However, the world of tattooing is competitive and every tattoo artist needs some excellent features to succeed in this field. So bellow we give some of those traits should possess the best tattoo artists near me you looking for!

Distinctive characteristics that should be present when you search for professional tattoo artists near me.

# Trait 1- Passionate about his work

A tattoo artist never can be great if he doesn’t possess this feature. Tattooing is a delicate task and requires passion. Only passionate tattoo artists can provide your preferred tattoos. His passion often drives him to towards some constructive experiment on tattooing. Hence, a passionate tattoo professional will never make you bored with the same and boring tattoos.

# Trait 2 – Artistic vision

Skilled tattoo artists require an artistic vision like a painter. Only their medium differs. A painter uses canvas and painting, whereas a tattoo artist chooses human skin and ink.
Hence, people with imaginative power succeed in this field. You can consider this quality as one of the most important qualities of a good tattoo artist. Any professional who has this quality always can provide you with mesmerizing and visually appealing tattoos.

# Trait 3- Capability to provide Right guidance

Clients have different ideas regarding their tattoo. The preference for tattoos differs a lot from one person to another. Even though some people go for customized tattoos but others go for traditional ones. Good tattoo artists can suggest what will look best on your skin and taste.
During the consultation phase, you might get confused to determine the right tattoos. A professional tattoo artist can help you get over this confusion.

# Trait 4- Curious mind

The tattoo industry has undergone several striking changes over the period. By introducing modern tattoo techniques and advanced tattoo tools, the tattoo industry has come a long way. Because of this, a trendy tattoo design might go out of fashion just within a few days.
However, an eminent tattoo expert should have the knowledge and curiosity to know about the trending ideas for tattooing. He should have updated knowledge about the popular and the latest tattoo trends.

The above are some features the should have when you searching for the best tattoo artists near me for your next tattoo.


Are you ready to book your consultation with one of the Best Tattoo Artist in North Carolina for that new ink?

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Trying to fit too much in is a mistake you’re probably making when getting a tattoo

Trying to fit too much in is a mistake you’re probably making when getting a tattoo

So you want a tattoo that will honor your late grandma, proclaim your national pride, give the nod to your manga obsession, and throw in some other symbols just for fun? Not a good idea. Trying to cram too many images and concepts into a design is a common mistake. This approach means that each item has to be smaller to fit into the tattoo composition, and these types of tattoo designs often seem overcrowded and jumbled.
It’s a good rule of thumb to have one significant focal point combined with a few supporting elements.

Fearing that it will be very, very painful is a big mistake. Newbies psych themselves into this fear. There is indeed pain with tattoo work, but it’s not sufficient to be afraid.

Not knowing what they want. Several times a week, I get questions like, “What should I get for my first tattoo?” A tattoo should be a personal thing that is meaningful or decorative for you-not for someone else.

Getting the popular flash or trendy designs everybody has, to say they have a tattoo. Flash is the typical type of meaningless design that hangs on tattoo shop walls or that they find on Pinterest. It’s pointless, and you may end regretting it.

Another big mistake is getting a girlfriend or boyfriend’s name with True Love Forever in a heart. Almost always signals the end of a relationship and a tattoo that will eventually need to be covered up. Don’t do boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s names.

Also, another BFF tattoos at 18. You probably won’t keep in touch more than a few years after college. Less after high school, unless you both don’t leave your small town, lol.

Expecting the artist to design the tattoo for free is a big mistake. That is their job. They deserve to get compensated for their work. Not tipping the tattoo artist at least the same percentage, you tip a waiter or hairdresser.

Wanting the tattoo artist to entertain you when they work is another mistake that can affect your new tattoo. If they want to have a conversation, it is fine. But if they are quiet, it’s because they are concentrating on your tattoo to give you the best tattoo possible.

There is a lot of mistakes we can keep mentioning, but we know nobody is perfect, so no worries. Put at list some ideas together, and when you ready Get in touch, and we will help you through the process. Contact us at Joan Zuniga Tattoos if you want to Book An Appointment.

Some mistakes you’re probably making when getting a tattoo

Some mistakes you’re probably making when getting a tattoo

Mistakes you should avoid when you are going to get a New Tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is a rite of passage for many. But considering the permanent nature of tattoos, it’s essential to think. Do your homework and make sure you’re putting yourself in capable hands.

If you’re thinking about downing some liquid courage before taking a tattoo to think again, drinking before and after getting a tattoo is a big no. Alcohol thins your blood, which means excess bleeding. When you bleed more than usual, it affects the visibility of your artist and also compromises the quality of the tattoo. Excess bleeding can also thin the ink. There’s also the fact that alcohol impairs judgment, and you don’t want to make permanent decisions while you are drunk.

Furthermore, drinking after the fact can compromise

the healing of the tattoo because of its effects on your blood. So take it easy for a bit. Getting a tattoo is a pretty big decision and should go carefully. You wouldn’t buy a car without doing your research, right.?

When deciding on a tattoo studio and a tattoo artist, this could be hard for some of you since not everyone has artistic knowledge. But you should look around and take a close look at the artwork or portfolio; some tattoo artists may specialize in tiny tattoos. For example, while others are better in black and gray realism or portraits.

Are you going too Small? Even if a small design looks great on a piece of paper, that doesn’t mean it will translate well to your skin. Tiny tattoos often wind up looking like blemishes, and trying to create an intricate design in a small place will likely lead to ink lines blurring or bleeding into one another. The scale is significant, so discuss it with your artist and listen to what he recommended.

You should always listen to your tattoo artist. If you have any doughts just contact us we will be glad to help.

Avoid touching equipment or surfaces in a tattoo studio.

Avoid touching equipment or surfaces in a tattoo studio.

I may be an art form, but tattooing is also a type of medical procedure. The process involves needles meaning means that surfaces. Supplies and tools must be completely sterile.
Tattooing and piercing have become increasingly popular among Americans, and body-art is showing on people of all ages, occupations, and social classes.
“By touching surfaces or items in the tattoo studio. You may make a sterile environment unclean, and then the artist has to clean it again before beginning to tattoo”.

The risk of contamination goes both ways.

I always would recommend never put food or drink items on the floor of a tattoo parlor. Though good tattoo shops disinfect and mop their entire shop every day. There’s always the possibility that fluids or blood from the previous client could still be lingering on the floor.
It is possible to transmit viral infections, as well as bacterial skin infections. It is essential for tattoo artists and clients to be fully aware of the potential dangers of their procedures and to understand the precautions that need to be taken to minimize the likelihood of infection or contamination.

We always recommend the client to stay away from our working station. Not only because of the risk of contamination of our work area. But also because we have expensive materials, like our machines with by the way are very expensive, we also have electronic equipment that can be damaged. We don’t care if you sit around your friend to entertain him with a pleasant conversation, but doing some crazy parties around the area where we are working. It is sometimes annoying, not only affect our focus, but can also lead to an accident where you may poke yourself with a needle. Or you may end broking some of our equipment, so please be mature. Keep in mind what we are doing on your friends is permanent.

If you want to Book an Appointment with a professional tattoo artist for your next tattoo idea. Contact us at Joan Zuniga Tattoos.


Both artists and client should act professionally in the tattoo studio

Both artists and client should act professionally in the tattoo studio

The vibe may be casual, but you should always respect the working environment of an artist and act kindly, while you’re the tattoo shop. We understand getting a tattoo is an exciting experience that you want to share.

“However, limit the number of people you bring with you.” You should bring just one person at a time with you in the tattoo area. Too many people can become a distraction to the artist and the other clients and can affect the performance of your artist. Unfortunately, we recommend you leave the youngsters at home. ‘The Tattoo Studio is not a fun place for children.

We have expensive tools, and artwork that can do damage, and children are NEVER allowed in the tattoo area. Please make arrangements to have someone watch the children while getting tattooed. Some materials and disposables contaminated, so we do not recommend your children to be around. Some materials, like needles or paper towels, have been used to clean may have been in contact with fluids and blood. And since children tend to touch everything, it is always better; they are not around the areas where tattoos getting done.

“Frequently, a client comes into the tattoo studio and treats it with a weird level of disrespect that they would normally do at any other place of business. I would encourage clients to treat their artists or shop with the same kind of respect that you would treat a bank, a clothing store, or a restaurant.

Keep in mind always that what we do is something that requires concentration. Not only on the creative process of the design. But also during the application of the tattoo, with sometimes can take a long time. So keep the right vibe at the tattoo studio always help to the decisive final result.

If you been thinking of getting that New Tattoo, don’t dought in contact us at Joan Zuniga Tattoos and make sure to go ahead and Book a Consultation.

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